Advanced Placement for Starseed Spiritual Warriors

This blog contains actual transcripts for trance and regression sessions, as Starseeds reconnect to their spirit guides and ET families. We are not a religion, there is nothing to "believe."

Welcome and Introduction

I'm Julie, I am a first generation (first wave, Blue Ray & Rainbow) Star Seed. I will be siting examples of how you know you are a Starseed, and I will demonstrate for you that you have special abilities. (See Cody transcript below). You probably have hybrid DNA, and you have many things in common with other Starseeds. This site is for ADVANCED Starseeds who are activated, awakened, and want guidance with their abilities.

Most of all, keep in mind that as a Starseed, your origin is not of Earth, so your homesickness is truly expected. But you have come to make a great sacrifice, and your very presence lifts the vibration of the planet.

I will also refer you to our Facebook page here ( with connections to other advanced Starseeds.

This blog will show and document what happens when a Starseed finds their guides (who are not from Earth.) Talk about instant ET connection! 

I'm so excited to help you awaken. Namaste, peace, love, and blessings. 
We are one in purpose.

Dialogue with Cody and Meeting Your Guides

Julie: There is a huge fan base for Bashar supporters who have pages on Facebook. I will get some
links for you.
Cody: Omg thank you I've been trying to find him for awhile ! Julie: Let me get you started on a Bashar video and you will see the rest in the menu...
Cody: Okay you're awesome!
Julie: Bashar - Channelled by Darryl Anka. Oops. Wait... Bashar: The 4 Laws of Creation. OK, great one. So go follow those. He is channeling an Essessani (pictured to the right) alien. Which is an advanced type of Zeta (Grey) hybrid who is logical and emotional and high IQ. Bashar explains the 4 laws for creation. Great start
Daryl Anka is channeling Bashar who is alien. He closes his eyes when Bashar comes through. Daryl is NOT Bashar.

Cody: That was really cool! How does one connect with a higher being, I know willing it should be the way, but there has to be ways to focus the will
Julie: Well, you are an advanced one I can tell already, to ask such questions
So if you meditate and you know how to visualize things,can you see your own spirit guides?
Can you identify the three main ones who are with you and guide your life?
I always start here for advanced students. It takes a lot to get to that point so that is first lesson for a 3rd level student. If you can see those guides in your meditation and interact with them, then I will guide you from there...

Cody: I haven't seen or felt any guides yet, maybe I have, and haven't realized it. I haven't really been looking to be honest, I've been building my vibrations and lights. I'm getting a very nice glow right now!
Julie: OK, so you can meditate right? Did you try? OK, that is not a trick question. It should be quick to answer. so do you need examples?

Cody: Yes I've been doing it everyday, at least my interpretation of a meditation, but I'm honestly meditating while doing everyday things. It's when I lay down or go cross-legged when I have a hard time visualizing, I think I'm having crown chakra blockage

Julie: OK, let's make it simple. I will ask you questions and you answer ok?
Cody: Okay

Julie: Stop trying to logic. It is not that hard. Close your eyes and visualize your front door. Can you imagine your door knob outside?

Cody: Yes
Julie: Describe your door knob to me. How high, what color, what shape
Cody: Waist, silver very cold. Round

Julie: Does it turn left or right?
Cody: Right
Julie:Can you imagine turning it and you see it open? Does it make a sound when it opens?

Cody: I can turn the knob but I can only get it half way, an no it's silent. Half way open
Julie: good. So you can see it, feel it and hear it. What color is the wall on both sides of the door

Cody: I'm getting white on one side black on the other
Julie: What color and texture is the ground in front of the door? Stone, wood, dirt?
Cody: Hard read. I'm feeling stone
Julie: So which part of your mind are you using to look at this seen? Is it like a movie screen, inside your head, where is it? Near the 6th chakra?
Cody: In my forehead and I'm getting flashes of images
Julie: Does it wrap around your head from ear to ear like a large screen? Is it color?

Cody: Very old school film style, But slow
Julie:Yes. Yes
Cody: Yes I'm constantly looking left to right
Julie:Now imagine you are sitting on a park bench. It is early morning and there is a soft warm sun
It is an old style bench and you are alone. There is a path ahead of you and you see somebody walking.

Cody: It's very dark
Julie: He or she is your spirit guide and they are walking towards you. Somebody will sit next to you on that bench in a few minutes. Is it male or female? You want to notice the gender, the age, the race, and the era they came from. Tell me what you see as they sit next to you.

Cody:  Mixed emotions/ sex but I'm seeing a female, aryan looking
Julie: Good. That's ok. How old? You can look at the ground for now. It is respectful not to look for right now.
Cody: Looking mid 20's but I'm feeling an old heart
Julie: So when you last saw this being, they were that young to you. So she presents at this age for a reason. It could present at any age but she feels this is for a reason

Cody: It's so hard to see, I really felt the looking down was the best thing so I don't distort the image
Julie: Which country was she in with you? Which century?
Cody: I don't think it's in this dimension but I'm getting a New York park feel
Cody: 70's
Julie: Was she in America?
Cody: That was weird I think I just got corrected by my own image of her
Julie: What is on her feet? Was she an immigrant?

Cody: She's gone
Julie: Tell her to come back. She is your guide
Cody: And I don't think human works for her classification
Julie: This is good practice. OK, that's ok. So she time travels or what?
Can she go in and out of dimensions and just pop in?

Cody: Yeah she just walks away and fades in and out
Julie: Good. So she may have come from another dimension. And if she can do it, so can you.
Cody: It's mixed between us, both being shy. Or maybe just me
Julie: So now you see something valuable about your past already. So get a name for her. Even if you dont see her, even if she phases out, you can still feel her energy signature. It is unique to only her.

Cody: Atleya
Julie: Perfect. Write all this down, you will need it.
Cody: I've got it down
Julie: So now ask her why she follows you. She is a guide for what specific purpose?

Cody: Because I asked her to come. My heart just started flowing.
Julie: Of course
Cody: She is very loving
Julie: So she may just be a protector. Like a sister energy. She also has a link to your home world, back home, where you came from.

Cody: It got distant to the sister energy but picked up to the thought of home
Julie: Yes. But you knew her so there is a connection. She is familiar

Cody: Much love coming in
Julie: When you want to connect to her you sit on that bench and ask her to come sit with you. She will come. So, that is one. Let's try another one. Ready?

Cody: I'm ready
Julie: OK. Visualize a staircase. It is steep and it goes up, up, up, to different floors
What is it made of?

Cody: Gold
Julie: OK. So you can take it anywhere but you want to wander around and see where the people are. So walk up and check out the floors and call out for a guide. And when you feel one, walk towards them.

Cody: There's so many watching
Julie: You will go in a doorway and tell me what happens when you get there to their area. Go to the one who pulls the hardest. Is it a male or female?

Cody: Hard left to a male
Julie: OK, and when you go in the door are you in a country or time period?
Cody: Many time periods. Constantly changing.
Julie: So he is another time traveler?
Cody: Full of knowledge
Julie: I see this (staircase) now on your Facebook cover...interesting. So does he have a solid body?
Does he show an age?

Cody: I'm seeing a light but he's trying to show me a body I can comprehend. Bald. ok... Like a blue skin.

Julie: He is Arcturian. What is his name?
Cody: He smiles
Julie:Yes. Is he in 7th dimension now, ask him?
Cody: I was feeling 6. But he was pulling 7

Julie: Yes' so both your guides so far are aliens. What is his function?
Cody: Very hesitant but I think he's a watcher.
Julie: Watching what? What is his name? Of course they watch. They know it is your experience. They stand back and try not to interfere.

Cody: Our progress. And I'm not getting a name, he goes by many names.

Julie: Tell him you need a name to call him by that works for our dimension. We go by labels here. The last one he used with you is fine.

Cody: Locus
Julie: Very good. Tell him thank you, with much respect.
Cody: He's very proud.

Julie: Ask where he prefers to meet up with you. What location?. He is obviously very advanced. He should be proud. He is a great influence on you.
Cody: He will meet wherever I look for him but I'm feeling lake side in Finland.
Julie: Good. Then if you can visualize that, then you are good for that one. But I think he helps you retain your spiritual warrior side. He will tell you that Arcturians fight with the heart and the mind, not with the hands.
Cody: That amazing that, that connection was made, I was raised heathen, and I've been battling my faith! I believe Odin took me to the light, but I've been having a hard time coping, he's bringing closure,
Julie: Good. Then he protected you from religion, which would have broken your connection to him.
So thank him, and we need to go back to the staircase now.


Cody: I'm there now
Julie:  Go listen for another guide. Go where they pull you. Ask yourself where the stairs are. Are you on a ship? Inside? Outside?

Cody: Stairs off Gaia
Julie: OK
Cody: To the light, at the end.
Julie: Inside her or on the surface? The underworld, like Agartha, or above world? Long ago, or future world?

Cody: She's everywhere, I'm standing on her outer shell but she's flowing through me. Future
Julie: At the point of creation when she was still gas?
Cody: Her earlier years as a completed planet, before she split.
Julie: So you are a witness but you are not physical? OK, that is telling.

Cody: I'm the spirit now
Julie: OK. So are there any Elohim around you? The creator beings? How about reptilians?
Cody: I feel a presence but I can't see anything! It's very new. I feel alone with Gaia.
Cody: Deep within
Julie: Which reptilians are there?
Cody: Very young.

Julie: Yes, they came first
Cody: Scared. Green.

Julie:They claim our planet and say it is theirs. Yes
Cody: I feel  like I've intruded
Julie: Why are they scared? Were they left here? No, tell them you are a friend. You are visiting. just looking.
Cody: Scared of seeing a new face. Super curious
Julie: Yes, they hate new ones
Cody: Little bit of resentment
Julie: Yes, and they are highly intelligent. Yes, and they feel so superior to everybody else. They like games and they like to take charge

Cody: There doesn't seem to be reason
Julie:  They will read you to see how smart you are. Tell them you are Arcturian and you know the creator beings.
Cody: Very aggressive now
Julie: Well, they always are, but you are no threat to them.

Cody: Okay a bit of calming with the Arcturian comment.
Julie: Tell them you speak for yourself. You are autonomous. You understand that they fought with Pleiadians, but you did not come from Earth, so it is not your battle. You are neutral.

Cody: They seem to need shelter.

Julie: Are they related to Draconians (Pictured with cape) or another race?
Do they have relatives in Orion?

Cody: No these ones are a lot smaller. I think they're native to the planet.
Julie: So they are related to our dinosaurs? They are Saurian?
Cody: Yes that clarifies everything.
Julie: Very smart though.
Cody: Humanoid like with major reptile aspects.

Julie: Yes. Tell them they will be safe in the future. They will maintain their place on our planet. Nobody here ever goes where they are.

Cody: Yes
Julie: We think they are brilliant, We respect them very much. They are beautiful and have excellent fighting skills.
Cody: They're okay with it. Like I asked for nothing.

Julie: They are also very good at strategy and they gave much guidance to the creation of our military. Ask them if it is ok to keep one of them as a guide in case you need to ask about reptilians
They care very much about heirarchy, loyalty, and order...

Cody: Looks to me I have myself a companion
Julie: ok, of what gender? The females fight too.
Cody: Male. Maybe.
Julie: They are usually bi-gender. is that true of their race also?
Cody: I'm getting a soft young feel

Julie: Or they have actual males and females?
Cody: Bi gender. They're all the same.

Julie: Ok. Do they switch gender after a certain age or they stay that way?

Cody: I'm feeling a front though, like I'm only allowed to see what they show me
Julie: so they shape shift? They give a screen image to you?
Cody: Shape shifters.

Cody: Very sneaky
Julie: OK, then you are ok with whatever they show you. It is cool.
Cody: Yes, they are. I'm getting to see it.
Julie: But they respect that you caught them at it. Good for you.
Cody: Very beautiful transition.
Julie: Yes. So you can do it too. Let them know. They need to be straight with you. Fair is fair. Honor is honor. Tell them you want a guide who will be straight with you.

Cody: It's been set. Almost like it's always been.
Julie:  Yes. So were you one of them once?
Cody: No it's almost like they've never seen one of me before.
Julie:  All humans have reptilian brain stems. Tell them this. We were, by design, enclusive of their DNA also.
Cody: I'm standing in another body, but I feel it's me.
Julie:  Yes, Your screen image you give to them. Or a past life.
Cody: I think I'm standing in my next guides body!
Julie:  Cool
Cody: Or maybe a past life. It's a hard read now my minds getting boggled.
Julie:  It is ok. All time is simultaneous. So who is volunteering to work with you? Get a name.
Make one of them step forward.

Cody: Argus
Julie: Get somebody who can act as an individual, not hive consciousness. Good. Nice name. What does his name mean to him?
Cody: Strength.
Julie:  How can he assist you? Does he have an expertise? Physical health?
Cody: Very young just like I am, he's supposed to mirror my advancements so I'm not alone.

Julie: Tell him you want help to identify the reptilians overlords on our present day Earth who are over running our planet with bad energy and corruption. Can he help you with that? Tell him you are Arcturian and you volunteered to help remove Gaia's corruption and you need his help.

Cody: Naanuur. Very dark

Julie:  Tell him you want to restore reptilian pride to our planet. Not all reptilians are so ill mannered and corrupt. They have honor!
Julie: You just got two of them?

Cody: Anu is making them look bad.

Julie:  Naanuur is the dark one?
Cody: Much deception. I don't feel safe anymore.
Julie:  Yes, the Anunaki put them there. (Followers of Anu). That makes sense.
It is ok. I get it.

Cody: I feel greatly enlightened though. Anu was an Anunaki, right?
Julie:  He created them.
Cody: God of Anunaki, father of them. I've got the protection of Argus though.
Julie: Yes. Tell Naanuur he comes from a very important lineage. His people were very great.

Cody: Naanuur is the corruption.
Julie:  But they, the Anunaki, left and what came after them is very bad for our planet.
Cody: His presence is to dark to find.
Julie:  I see. Then bow, and back away from him.
Cody: It's like he sees me.
Julie:  Leave him there and go with the younger one. Talk to him instead.
Cody: Yes.
Julie:  They reside in 4th dimension. Next to ours. Hello Argus. Are you a hybrid?
Cody (Argus speaking) : What an interesting theory. I think so.

Julie: Good. So is Cody. You two can learn from each other. He has two other guides to talk to, that will teach you both.
Cody (Argus speaking) : Great compassion we create.
Julie:  Yes, we all share this progress together. I am honored to help bring you all together.
Cody (Argus speaking): And one we shall be.

Julie:  What can Cody do when he wants to call on you? Do you have a special place you want him to meet?
Cody (Argus speaking) : In his dreams I'll be waiting.
Julie:  OK, but we want to know about during his meditation. At will. Which place can he visualize?
By the river maybe?
Cody (Argus speaking) : Here on Gaia. I'll be waiting by the stream.
Julie: When I meet my reptilian friend he lives underground by the river. It soothes him to be near water.
Cody (Argus speaking) : Yes.

Julie: So good then, Thank you so much and we will be leaving you now.


Julie: So Cody, go back to the stairs now. Namaste.
Cody: Yes. I felt everything. Light. Love. Joy.

Julie:  Close all the doors and walk up to the light until you see the park again.
Cody: She's waiting for me this time.
Julie:  They are all inside their doors. Those are dimensional gates. Good. Tell her what you learned.

Cody: That's what she's so excited for.
Julie:  Sit and hold her hands and talk like old friends.

Cody: I've made good progress and I need to stay focused on what's ahead of me.
Julie:  Yes. You did good. Now you can reach them any time you want.You will want to go study up on their races to learn more.
Cody: I think she is a race I am not familiar with. Thank you! You've broken these walls I put around myself.
Julie: Does she say? Saurians, Arcturians, and her..whatever she is?

Cody: It's not our time to know this type of knowledge. She's not shy any more.  She has a white face, avatar like from the movie, all white blue eyes. (See picture on right)

Julie:  I see. Well it is ok then. Is she Nordic?
Cody: I'm getting she's from Pleiades. Or was.
Julie:  A Tall White?
Julie: OK, that is her race. Tell her thank you.
You can look them up. They interacted with our military and there are records of them.
So that will keep you busy.

Cody: It sure will! I'm going to do my night meditation! My body needs rest! Thank you! I'll stay in touch!

Julie : Can I use this dialogue if I don't use your name? I want to save it. I want to show people how to contact guides in meditation. It is an excellent example. You are very advanced. I am really honored I got to do this with you.

Follow Up: Based on this contact success, Cody and Julie teamed up to create the Way-Shower web site so that I can do this again, to help more people understand their roles as Star Seeds.